100 things you love

All you need is love

Right now the world needs more love. I believe that in order to give love to others we first must feel love ourselves – remind ourselves what we love and what brings us joy. This thought was on my mind when I created this art journal spread yesterday, from a lesson in Effy Wild’s “Book of Days” .

Recently Effy posted about “flinging glitter” –doing things that you love and that bring you joy especially when the world is in chaos or our lives are difficult. Effy’s post reminded me of a journal exercise I read about and did long ago – write down 100 things you love, that bring you joy. It’s easy at first, but then you have to really think about what else to add to the list.

100 things title


I found my old journal – I made my list back in 1998, when our first child was 2 and I was a stay-at-home mother living in a new city. I think it’s time I made a new list. Many things from the old list are still things that bring me joy, like #16 walking along a sandy beach, #25 baked potatoes with butter and salt, and #71 taking art classes. But I am going to create a new list without looking at the old one, and see what brings me joy today. What are 100 things that YOU love?


3 thoughts on “100 things you love”

  1. I started a journal page recently with the words I love… and then did not proceed to ‘art’ on the page till I had completely fill the 2 page spread…it took more than half the day. Then I did my art for that day and included images or the words of my favorites (about 20) into that page. It is one of my favorites!

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