Papercutting “lace pages”

papercut page in BOD
“lace page” in my art journal

This summer I saw a post by Balzer Designs lace pages about something she called “cutting lace pages”. This technique is also called papercutting. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer has a video demonstration on her page, and I liked her no-plan, abstract design approach. I really liked the final effect, and it looked fairly easy, so I decided to try it. For my first one I used an index card to test the process, and because I was doing Daisy Yellow’s “Index card a day” summer challenge. I had a crappy craft knife and dollar store cutting mat, but was really happy with the result.

papercut index card
First attempt – on an index card placed on a black background

More recently I went and bought an x-acto knife and real cutting mat from a craft store. I made the second one (at the top of my post) on a piece of watercolour paper, and tipped it into my art journal, so that a gorgeous background I made from one of  Effy Wild‘s tutorials in her “Book of Days” class would show through. I keep thinking I should add some words onto the background page to show through the gaps, but I haven’t found the right ones yet.

This is definitely a fun art journal technique that I will use again.


7 thoughts on “Papercutting “lace pages””

  1. This is a really nice technique, Sue! I had not seen this technique yet. I used to follow Julie Fei-Fan Balzer when she first started but haven’t few a couple of years. I think I’ll go and see what she is up to these days. Thanks for posting!


  2. This is so gorgeous and intricate!

    Honestly, I have never seen this before, but color me intrigued! The design is reminiscent to me of wood block printing, which I had never considered doing something abstract with…I might have to try that!


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