radiant flow

words of 2016

Because I work at a university, September marks the start of a new academic year, and is another time in which I assess the goals and plans set back in January, and tweak them or set new goals and intentions.  This morning I read a blogpost by Zoe Gregg AKA Aisling Beatha (http://ukzoe.blogspot.ca/2017/09/what-do-you-no-longer-believe-effys.html) about her 5 mottoes – which reminded me to think about my words for 2016. I set these last December as a guide, an intention for how I wanted to approach my life in 2016: my work, art practice, and home life. I used a process developed by Susannah Conway http://www.susannahconway.com/word/ to help find your word of the year. I did this in 2016 as well, and intend to do it again for 2018.

For 2017 I ended up with 2 words: a feeling word, radiant, and a doing word, flow.

Radiant means “sending out light, shining or glowing brightly” – for me it connects to being positive, joyful, energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate.

Flow means to “move along steadily and continuously; proceed or be produced smoothly, continuously, effortlessly” – and for me invokes moving forward, being engaged & focused.

When I reflect on these two words they remind me of how I want this semester to proceed, at work, art-wise, and at home. I need to stay focused and positive at work, and make time for the things in my life that bring me joy and keep me balanced.


10 thoughts on “radiant flow”

  1. Yes! Resolutions are time bombs loaded with guilt shrapnel. Choosing a word to navigate by offers far more freedom and expansiveness.

    I tried to sign up for the 5 days word choosing class, but as soon as I clicked the sign up button, it said “invalid email” without ever showing a text box to enter the email into.

    Anyway, your word choices this year are fabulous!

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  2. I’ve been doing the Word of the Year for a few years now. My first word was Freedom, and boy that was a big one for me. This year my word is Dream. Doing a lot of dreaming, bringing them to reality is a little slow going. I love your words! They go together beautifully.


    1. I love these words. ♥ For the past several years, a word-of-the-year comes to me, and this year’s word is “grace” – but I almost immediately knew that really it was to be a guiding phrase for me of two words – embrace grace – and that guiding phrase has been so important to me.


  3. Ahhhh yes that is a gorgeous intention/word combination. And the thing about flowing is that it continues around you when you’re stuck in it, just let go and flow on. ❤


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