All shall be well

All shall be well

Yesterday and today I worked on a bonus art lesson from Effy Wild’s ( online Book of Days 2017 class. I stayed fairly close to what Effy demonstrated in her video. I need to just create something without any pressure, to soothe myself and relax a bit before I go back to work. I have been off (not teaching) since the end of April, so this will be a bit of a re-adjustment to schedules, traffic, and interacting with more people.

The art journal spread was done by first creating a background with several layers of acrylic paint. Then I added the face and plant shapes, fiddled for a while with shading, outlining etc, and finally added the text. The words I chose reflect my mood while I was creating. When I make these mixed media spreads I often add a sentiment that is a message or reminder to myself.

I have been taking mixed media art classes for about two years now, several with Effy Wild, plus a few with other artists like Tamara Laporte (, and Tammy Garcia (

BOD v3 week0 (2)Here is the first face I painted from an Effy Wild lesson, back in September 2015 for a class called “Facing Forward”.

At the beginning every lesson I did had new techniques to learn, and new media I had never used, and I followed every step in the lesson as closely as possible, even the colour palettes. Two years later I have learned SO MUCH. Now I am much more confident and comfortable making art, and am finally starting to alter the lessons to suit myself.


6 thoughts on “All shall be well”

  1. They are both great pictures. And that is a great quote, by Julian of Norwich, I’m thinking about attempting to read some of her writings but trying to decide which version to choose.


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