What do I really want?

(Thanks to Effy wild effywild.com for the prompt)

sue eyes 2

What DO I really want? I want to keep working part-time, not full time. I wish hat I did was more certain and dependable – I don’t like the stress of not knowing if I’ll have a contract next semester or next year, but I do like the flexibility, and I like teaching and interacting with the students.

I want to keep doing art. I want to practise and improve. I am a much happier person when I spend time each week being creative –  my spouse can verify that. I don’t know if this will lead anywhere, and that’s not the point. I just know I need to express myself and it brings me joy.

I want to do more of all the things I love: music, art, yoga, writing, reading, and cooking delicious food. I want to make time for my relationships with my spouse and children. And I want to be around positive, supportive people more often, and interact with negative people less often.

What I most want is for my life to feel unified. In the past, I have mostly kept the two “halves” of me (science prof/artist) separate. This goes back to childhood experiences (“our family are not artistic”), and the attitude that scientists/academics should be all-consumed by their one field of study, and by my own self-doubts and feeling that “real” artists will dismiss if they find out I have a PhD in Biology.  So I keep science me and artistic me separate. But they are both equal aspects of me and the way I see and interact with the world.



4 thoughts on “What do I really want?”

  1. I remember seeing an article a few months ago about a top scientist who was also a professional ballet dancer. Can’t remember her name though. If she can do it then the rest of us can too.


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