The calm before the storm

BeginDay 1 for “blogging along with Effy”, a blog-every-day-in-September challenge – her advice: start where you are, so here goes:

Here I am, on the precipice of a new University semester. In a few days my life is going to get VERY busy. I am trying not to get overwhelmed by all the things to do. I am working on getting my courses ready for next week, when classes begin. One is a course I have taught many times before, the other is a brand new (to me) first year course which has (as of today) 118 students. The largest class I have taught in the past was around 40 students, so I am a little nervous about the new one, but I have adjusted the way I will test and teach, so I’m sure it will be fine. Every new group of students is different, even in courses I have taught before. The dynamics are different, some things “work” better with some groups than others. So, it is impossible to ever be fully prepared, and I know I will need to adjust things as I go along.

My teaching job is contract, part-time work, but does take up a lot of time (especially with new courses). I am wondering how to balance the things that are important to me with my work schedule: my art classes and art practice, yoga, walking the dog, my family, plus some work for my spouse. How can I fit it all in? Why have I added blogging, and possibly re-joining Toastmasters to the mix? I want to expand my life beyond work. I have, for several years, let it take over and I need to make time to do those things I keep saying I want to do.  It is time for me to “Paint outside the lines of your life” – Kris Carr



2 thoughts on “The calm before the storm”

  1. Sue, I’m excited for you! First time blogging! Oh my, what fun! Congratulations on taking the jump! I’m not new at blogging but haven’t for a while. Effy’s invitation was the nudge I needed to get my new blog off the ground.

    Looks like you have a very full life! It is so good to pursue your interests outside of work. We are multi-faceted human being and need to cater to what brings us joy. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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